PDO Spicy Provolone Valpadana

Spicy Provolone Valpadana is the most famous variant of this stringy cheese. Thanks to its strong and distinctive flavor, it becomes an indispensable ally in the kitchen for a wide range of dishes.

Unlike mild Provolone Valpadana, which is distinguished by its more delicate taste, piquant Provolone Valpadana undergoes a prolonged aging process, which can last more than 12 months. During this period, the cheese develops a degree of intense flavor and aroma, making it a true delicacy.


Spicy Provolone Valpadana finds a perfect match with full-bodied wines such as Aglianico, Gattinara and Barbera d'Asti. These wines, with their structure and complexity, marry beautifully with the cheese's distinct tanginess, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.

Experiment with spicy Provolone Valpadana in a variety of culinary preparations, as a topping for pizzas, ingredients for tasty sandwiches, or simply enjoyed on its own. Its distinctive presence and intense flavor will make your dishes even tastier and more satisfying.

6 - 12 months
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Cow milk
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