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Pecorino Romano is a hard cheese, cooked, made with fresh whole sheep’s milk, derived exclusively from farms in the area of ​​production. It may be inoculated with natural cultures of lactic ferments indigenous to the area of production, then coagulated with lamb’s rennet in a paste derived exclusively from animals raised in the same production area.


It comes with a thin crust the colour of pale ivory or straw, sometimes covered with a special protective covering for foods in a neutral colour or black.


The cheese has a consistency that is dense or with a limited number of holes and its colour can vary from white to a more or less intense shade of straw, according to the technical conditions at the time of production.

The taste of the cheese is aromatic, lightly spicy and tangy in the table cheese, intensely spicy in the grated cheese.


The rounds are cylindrical with flat top and bottom, the height of the side is between 25 and 40 cm and the diameter of top and bottom between 25 and 35 cm. The weight of the rounds can vary between 20 and 35 kg. These are stamped with the logo (a diamond with rounded corners and containing inside the stylised head of a sheep) on the whole of the side with the words Pecorino Romano.

Pecorino Romano can be sold after a minimum maturation period of 5 months for table cheeses and 8 months for grating types.

5 months
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Sheep milk
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