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Organic Cappello del Prete - Organic Products Charcuterie

Organic Cappello del Prete

When we talk about Cappello del Prete we mean the muscles of the bovine shoulder. The meat of this cut has a slight vein of connective tissue which makes it particularly tasty and which, as it melts during cooking, gives the piece softness and fragrance without weighing down the dish. The priest's hat has a narrow and elongated shape. And it is precisely from the latter that it takes its name: the almost triangular shape in fact recalls that of the priest's hat. However, be careful not to confuse this cut of veal, beef or veal calf with the traditional sausage which is prepared in Emilia Romagna or with the pumpkin typical of the plains of Reggio Emilia and Mantua: two other products which are called cappello del prete.

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