The Bussolotti family from Pegognaga has been cultivating fields and raising beef cattle for three generations using natural systems that respect environmental and animal welfare.


The cattle of Fattorie San Lorenzo are national crosses between the brown mountain cow and Charolais or Limousin bulls. Most of the animals are born in Sardinia, where they live in the wild for the first months of their lives.


Fattorie San Lorenzo organic hamburgers are highly sought after for their taste and ease of preparation; but the quality of Fattorie San Lorenzo organic meat especially excels on the anatomical ones including rib-eye, tomahawk and T-bone steak.


Fattorie San Lorenzo is located in Suzzara, in the province of Mantua, on the border between Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. It is a flat land with a strong agricultural vocation, irrigated by the river Po and its many tributaries.


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