Gourm.it is a network of producers founded in 2000 in Pegognaga, Mantova: the only province in Italy to produce PDO Parmigiano Reggiano and PDO Grana Padano.

We bring together small and medium-sized Italian dairy companies, giving prominence and focus to the export of the products of these local companies. Indeed, what we have at heart is to tell and spread the exceptional richness of Italian gastronomy.

We offer our international customers a complete catalogue of Italian cheeses, combined with, where required, a careful selection of other food products of excellence, reaching over time a range of over 6000 references.

Our mission is to search, select and distribute Italian gastronomic excellence throughout the world.

Our staff is made up of 15 brilliant collaborators, who make it possible to carry out all the services that the Consortium offers to its customers and suppliers. As a matter of fact, we do not propose standardized solutions. Rather, we respond in a customised manner to every need of our customers by providing support in product research and selection, logistics, bureaucracy, customs, quality and much more.

Briefly, we are here to take care of all your requests and needs, managing in a streamlined and in-depth manner every step necessary for the export of the gastronomic excellences that we deal with daily.

Our Mission:

Our three watchwords are:


Respect for traditions, for the history that every company and every product brings with it as an added value.


Adapting to the needs of the market, relying on tradition as an added value but never being complacent.



Our job is not only to sell a product but also to share with you the extraordinary gastronomic variety that we have come to know.





"Agricola incurvo terram dimovit aratro: hic anni labor, hinc patriam parvosque nepotes sustinet, hinc armenta boum meritosque iuvencos."

Virgil GEORGICS 37/29 B.C.

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