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Organic Tomahawk - Organic Products Charcuterie

Organic Tomahawk

The Organic Tomahawk is a giant steak derived from the front part of the sirloin of beef. Its name and size are reminiscent of the weapon that Native Americans used to defend their territories and its unmistakable flavor is a real explosion of taste and aroma.

The Tomahawk steak, also known as brontosaurus steak, is a real jewel of butchery: a trophy of "war" for the most hardened carnivores who make it their highlight during barbecues with friends. Its origins are Australian and, in particular, the beef from which it is obtained comes from a cross between the Black Angus breed and the rarer Wagyu. Its size makes it undoubtedly the largest steak in the world; its shape and its 30 centimeters of bone make the Tomahawk reminiscent of the axe that Native Americans used to throw during clashes with settlers. 


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