The Caseificio Agricolo Milanello is located in Reggio Emilia, in the heart of the Terre di Canossa. It was founded in 1937 as a cooperative. Following the crisis of 1929, many small private dairies in the area had gone into crisis and had to close down; by getting together in a cooperative, the farmers found the strength to build a dairy that is still flourishing, almost a hundred years later, renowned and growing.


Today, as then, the Caseificio Agricolo Milanello produces Parmigiano Reggiano with care and passion. It collects milk from more than twenty member farms in the area: the milk is mainly produced by Friesian cows, with the help of a few Jerseys and Alpine Browns.


The most popular maturation of Caseificio Milanello Parmigiano Reggiano is 24 months: this is the perfect point at which the aroma of milk meets the savoury perfection of the grain.


The Caseificio Milanello is located in Campegine, in the province of Reggio Emilia, in the heart of the Terre di Canossa. It is located a few steps from the hills, in a land renowned for its good food and many historical beauties.


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