PDO Quartirolo Lombardo

Quartirolo Lombardo DOP is a cheese with an ancient tradition, produced in a large part of the Lombardy region. Its production, which began in the 10th century, was concentrated at the end of the summer and used milk from cows fed exclusively on Quartirolo grass, from which it takes its name.

It is a soft table cheese with a variety of flavors depending on the degree of maturation. The aging period can vary from 2 to 30 days for fresh cheeses, while for aged Quartirolo Lombardo PDO it can exceed 30 days. The cheese has a characteristic parallelepiped shape with a square base. Its paste is initially crumbly, lumpy and moist, but during the maturing process it becomes creamier and more compact, taking on a pleasant straw-yellow color.


The taste of Quartirolo Lombardo DOP is slightly acidic-aromatic and varies in intensity according to the degree of aging. This cheese is considered ideal to be eaten alone or as an accompaniment to hors d'oeuvres and cold dishes. It is usually paired with Lombard wines, preferably not too aged, to enhance the flavors of both.


Arrigoni Battista has also created Quartirolo Lombardo DOP in oil, so that you can enjoy the delicious taste of Quartirolo Lombardo at any time. These jars contain cubes of Quartirolo Lombardo DOP flavored with various spices and aromas.

Quartirolo Lombardo DOP with truffle flavor offers an elegant combination of flavors. The earthy, lingering flavor of the truffle blends with the sweetness of the cheese to create a refined taste experience.

Turmeric gives Quartirolo a bright yellow color and a hint of spice. This unusual combination creates a unique contrast between the sweet taste of the cheese and the aromatic notes of turmeric. For lovers of exotic flavors, Quartirolo in oil curry is also a fascinating combination: the curry gives the cheese a complexity of spices and an enveloping taste.

Finally, for an explosion of flavors, Arrigoni Battista has created Quartirolo Lombardo Dop with Chilli Peppers and Quartirolo Stuffed Chilli Peppers, which combine the hot and spicy flavor of the chili peppers with the milky sweetness of the cheese.

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