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Centro Form srl is a cheese company located in the heart of Sicily, in Aidone. For more than a hundred years it has been handing down from father to son the passion and experience for the production of typical cheeses, combining the tradition of Sicilian cheesemakers with the technological innovations of the sector.


Centro Form selects the best fresh milk from native Sicilian breeds and takes care of every stage of processing down to the smallest detail. The result is a wide range of cheeses including the great classic Pecorino Siciliano


Centroform's big best-sellers are the spicy cheeses: from Nero di Sicilia, a soft cheese ripened in a crust with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled entirely with black pepper powder, to Pecorino al Peperoncino Rosso, a compact soft cheese flavoured with crushed red chilli pepper with a pleasantly spicy taste.


Aidone was chosen as the location for Centro Form due to the presence of pastures favourable to animal welfare and milk quality. Aidone is also a town renowned for its cultural and naturalistic district, which includes in its area the Sicilian-Greek-Hellenistic site of Morgantina, and the Pietratagliata Castle of Arab-Norman times.

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