Gildo Formaggi represents a cheese-making legacy passed down from generation to generation. Founded by Gildo, who learned the art of cheese-making from his grandfather, the company is known for producing typical cheeses from the Valsassina mountains and its commitment to creating goat cheeses made exclusively with 100% goat milk.



Gildo Formaggi is the leading producer of typical cheeses from the Valsassina mountains. In recent years, it has focused on producing 100% goat cheeses, becoming the reference point in Italy. Its wide range of high-quality cheeses is highly appreciated by customers.



Stracktufo, an extraordinary cheese similar to Taleggio, made with high-quality cow's milk and enriched with fresh truffle fragments. Its distinctive aroma, thanks to the truffle, blends perfectly with the sweet and savory flavor of the cheese, offering a unique and delightful sensory experience.



Gildo Formaggi is located in Valsassina, a picturesque valley in the Lombardy Prealps, characterized by mountains, forests, and enchanting landscapes. This region offers an extraordinary natural environment, with picturesque villages and a rich culinary tradition, including high-quality cheeses, making it a fascinating destination for nature and gastronomy lovers.

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